You can’t beat One Direction. Their film One Direction: This Is Us, by documentary maker Morgan Spurlock comes out at the end of the month. Morgan claims they are beautiful people and that he learned a lot from being around them.

The trouble is:

  1. One Direction are a shit band.
  2. Simon Cowell is a clever bastard.
  3. Packaging sells not quality.
  4. This is all wrong.

The monopoly exerted by bands like One Direction is surprising given the Internet’s promise of a more democratic less corporate music scene. It failed to deliver.

The promise of riches is ruining the Arts. Anything that can’t be converted into massive short term gain isn’t attempted. Back in 2010 Philip Sherwell and Colin Freeman did a piece in the Telegraph about the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Basically, Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard were rewarded with multi-billion dollar business contracts as a reward for suppressing mass protests that convulsed across the country in 2009. What that means is that Iran’s reformist challengers were (and still are) opposed by a 120,000 strong paramilitary outfit with a huge vested interest in maintaining the status quo and keeping President Mahmoud Ahmahdinejad (or his replacement Hassan Rouhani) in power. Ironically, the Revolutionary Guard later accused Ahmahdinejad of corruption towards the end of his second (and final term) as president. So what has this got to do with Art or One Direction for that matter?


Well, Simon Cowell is President Mahmoud Ahmahdinejad. One Direction are the Revolutionary Guard. And all the World’s fine, worthy, revolutionary artists and musicians are Iran’s reformist challengers. And they don’t stand a chance because Simon has payed One Direction to kill them off (by hook or crook) and they’re doing a pretty good job.


Don’t be deceived by their cute appearance. One Direction are crack paramilitary mercenaries, paid (very well) by Simon Cowell to suppress reform in the Arts. All in the name of Money, Power and Tyranny.

All One Direction prove is that Might Is Right.

They seem so harmless but they are the highly paid stooges of a Dark Empire. And both they and the Dark Empire they protect must be brought down and destroyed.